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About Jorie

Between the layers of cake and the swirls of butter cream there is the heart and passion of Jorie Roberts, who packs the punch in "Cakes and Pastries by Jorie." During the last twenty-four years, Jorie has been baking and decorating, building her repertoire of cakes and all other things yummy.

Her Goal is to provide every customer with best service, best taste, and the most visually amazing cakes and pastries for your every need.

Jorie feels so blessed to have a career she LOVES so much. And the wonderful thing about such a blessing is that it extends to all her clients as she is able to deliver the bigger and better and more fantastic as she grows to love baking and decorating even more. Her goal, for every client, is to provide the best service, best taste and most visually amazing cakes and pastries.

Jorie is always up for new challenges, so what are you waiting for, call today!